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"Water brought us here, water will carry us away" - Spirits Of The Atlantic

One of Sacramento's largest collaborations took place, as BLAQLight joined forces with Paul Willis, Madk@p, Cameron Eugene, and Coon The Poet on a mega track entitled "Spirits Of The Atlantic".

BLAQLight says, "The energy in this track is unbelievable. When I made the beat, I wanted to make something that had a soul element, but would also get this feeling of hype and awe for the Ancestors who didn't make it across the Atlantic, whether they jumped or were thrown overboard - their energy still permeates in the ocean, which is why I called the beat Spirits Of The Atlantic."

Paul Willis made sure the song honored the Ancestors and story of Igbo Landing, which was a final stop for ships in Alabama. A group of Igbo people from Nigeria, instead of continuing with their bondage, all linked up with each other and walked into the Atlantic waters, in essence "flying away", hence another example of the legend of Flying Africans.

Spirits Of The Atlantic is available everywhere under the BLAQLight artist profile.

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