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Soul Power: Instrumental Soul Beats Vol. 2 Announced!

BLAQLight has completed the production of his follow-up instrumental beat project: Soul Power: Instrumental Soul Beats, Vol. 2, and is going through the process to distribute it for all listeners.

BLAQLight says that Soul Power 2 is going to have a few changes from its predecessor, however the Soul will remain the same.

BLAQLight: "On the first Soul Power I experimented with chopping the samples and applying filters to show how cool it is to manipulate soul samples into what you want them to be. But this time on Soul Power 2, I did a lot less to the samples and instead tried to really build around them with drums and other effects. I wanted the element of soul to be what I touched the least this time."

Soul Power 2 will be released October 30, 2020, on what BLAQLight calls "BLAQ Friday".

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