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  • From: The Capitol City
  • Weight: 233 LBS
  • Finisher: BLAQ Power Slam
  • Signatures: Fade To BLAQ, Cosmic Crush
  • Nicknames: "The Supernatural Sensation", "The All Powerful"
  • Catchphrases: "It's Time To Take Flight", "Take Pride In Your Powers", "You Will Be Led To The Light - BLAQLight"


Hailing from the Capitol City, BLAQLight is a Professional Wrestler in the California region. He takes pride in using his powers to defend Peace, Justice, and Harmony. BLAQLight brings a vast array of abilities to the ring: Super Strength, Agility, & Mystical Wisdom. So don't be fooled by BLAQLight's brawn - he can leap and fly when necessary, and his ancestral knowledge only makes his strength all the more scary. The mask he wears represents his ancestors who wore masks in times of war and celebration. He wears it not to hide his true identity, but to inspire everyone around him to take pride in their powers. 


BLAQLight is the 3rd person ever to graduate from The Pro Wrestling Academy in Sacramento, CA, under Head Trainer "The Egotistical Psychopath" Tony Vargas and Assistant Trainer El Flaco Loco.


BLAQLight also has experience training under "Mr. Primetime" Zack Reeb before pursuing other endeavors.

Outside of the ring, BLAQLight holds a Master's in Health Education, and works professionally helping connect individuals with disabilities with community resources. He also was a Competitive Strongman, and has lifted impressive numbers in the gym including a 635 lb Squat, 615 lb Deadlift, and 435 lb Benchpress.

BLAQLight is also a DJ and Producer, with his own music catalog. 

"Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, I am the Dream and the Hope of the slave. I Rise, I Rise, I Rise." - Dr. Maya Angelou

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