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Still I Rise for BLAQLight comes from the poem And Still I Rise by Dr. Maya Angelou. This poem has been inspirational for BLAQLight, instilling feelings of pride and power in himself and in his people.  


BLAQLight used the inspiration from this poem to guide him into making art meant to motivate those around him. This turned into a clothing and merchandise label, a musical album series, an upcoming short film, and an upcoming documentary, all titled Still I Rise



Still I Rise 1 and the upcoming Still I Rise 2 & Still I Rise: Revolutionary Musical Suites are a reflection of where our world has come from, where it's gone, and where we're fighting to be, from the Black perspective.

BLAQLight: "Right now, we're living in a crazy world where you're supposed to be thankful for having a voice, but you're not supposed to use it. So this album is important. For me, for all of us. We need something that everyone can listen to. Still I Rise  is calling for peace, love, unity, a better world for me and you, and the future generations to come. And it shares all this from the perspective of Blackness."



Still I Rise grew into The BLAQLabel, but remains a source of empowerment for Black people and those marginalized in society. Inspired by Kente Cloth worn by West African nobility, BLAQLight designed different concepts that can be placed on clothing and other items such as tote bags, mugs, buttons, and stickers. 



Still I Rise, though not complete, is what the world looks like in the eyes of a young Black man who is navigating a white world filled with Black pain. Imagine what it feels like to deal with racism and discrimination at work and in class, only to come home and be worried about the gang violence and police brutality both impacting your community, and trying to figure out how to fix it all despite your own personal issues like your love life and relatives struggling with addiction. 


This is a reality that many are living, and the short film will bring this artistically to life.  



Still I Rise as a documentary, though not complete, will be a gathering of Black artists and creatives who strive to educate through their art and activism. BLAQLight, artists from the Still I Rise project, and community activists & leaders, will showcase how they use local art to improve the world around them. How does visual art inspire change? How can curriculum be built around music? How do we individually and collectively create the world we want using our creative gifts? And what does that world look like?


If you are curious about collaborating with BLAQLight musically, using art or music for your projects, or anything else, visit the CONTACT page to reach BLAQLight.

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